We are happy to announce Argos, our exclusive software for Total System Control. The name Argos is derived from Greek mythology. Argos(or Argus) was a giant with hundreds of eyes and was known for seeing and knowing all things.

With our Argos software on your equipment, Century Refrigeration allows you to see all things and know all things about your system. Check out some of the areas that you can monitor and control with the Argos software.


Tracks, monitors and records over 400+ set points about your room and equipment at any given time.


Save and adjust your set point configurations to optimize performance.


Collecting data second by second which can be instantly downloaded to CSV.


Contact our 24/7, in house service department dedicated to solving customer issues.


Interface in REAL time

Argos allows users see what is going on with their equipment in real-time. Users have access to live graphs of trending data at all times.

Remote Visibility

Users can log into Argos from any device! If you can get an internet connection, you can monitor you equipment performance.

Alarm Notifications via Text/Email

Argos makes it easy to monitor and control your equipment from anywhere by allowing the
user to set up alerts and alarms to be sent by text message and/or email.

Predictive Maintenance and Troubleshooting

Argos collects and stores the system data for a full year with the option to purchase extended data time. Data can be downloaded to analyze and better understand trends on your equipment.

Unlimited Users

Argos gives all parties visibility to the equipment data with various levels of control. This will allow the manufacturer, the representative, the contractor, the technician and the equipment owner to have the latest information in the event that problems arise.


Argos is a standalone web-based program that can be tied into your 3rd party connections. There are some design requirements and hardware specific to Century Refrigeration equipment, but once your system arrives, you just log into your Argos account and take control.