Blue Series

Product Overview

Century’s BLU Series outdoor air-cooled condensing units are specifically designed for commercial and industrial refrigeration duty cooling applications. They come completely pre-piped and wired with low profile and vertical air discharge condenser coil.
They also utilize a unique condenser and coil design as well as high volume condenser fans to maximize unit performance. The BLU Series condensing unit is suitable for mounting at ground level or rooftop.

Product Literature

Product Details


    • Dependable hi-efficiency scroll compressor
    • Direct drive condenser fans
    • Liquid receiver with relief valves
    • Receiver inlet and outlet valves
    • High pressure safety
    • Low pressure operating control
    • Crankcase heater
    • Compressor contactor
    • Compressor overload protection
    • High Efficiency EC condenser fan motor
    • Fan motor overload protection
    • NEMA 3R weatherproof electrical panel
    • Hinged control panel access
    • Prewired controls
    • Compressor service valves
    • Low profile
    • Liquid injection kit (when required)
    • Run/Pumpdown switch
    • A20 Flood Control

    • Acrylic Coated Fin Coil
    • Sight glass
    • Liquid line drier (sealed)
    • Liquid line drier (replaceable core)
    • Liquid line solenoid
    • Suction filter (sealed)
    • Suction filter (replaceable core)
    • Suction accumulator
    • Time clock
    • Control circuit transformer
    • Unit Circuit Breaker
    • Unit Phase Failure Monitor
    • Indicator Lights
    • Off/Pumpdown/Run Switch
    • Unit Phase Failure Monitor
    • Indicator Lights
    • Off/Pumpdown/Run Switch
    • Defrost Time Clock
    • Fused Defrost Contactor
    • Fused Evaporator Fan Contactor
    • Adjustable Guaranteed Off Timer (GOT) • Elapsed Time Meter
    • Alarm Circuit with Dry Contacts
    • Heated and Insulated Receiver
    • B20 Flood Control with Receiver (below +20°) • A421 Thermostat with LCD Display (shipped loose)
    • Painted Cabinet
    • 1/4” Charging Valve
    •  3/8” Charging Valve
    • Personnel Grills
    • Centinel Controls
    • Variable Speed Condenser Fan (Carel controller required)