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Single, Dual and Multiple Compressor Arrangements

Century Refrigeration’s D Series condensing units are specifically designed for commercial and industrial duty refrigeration applications. These units are designed to operate in adverse conditions and meet the needs of the customer with minimal changes to the basic design. These units are designed to operate in high and low ambient conditions. High ambient and high altitudes are not a problem and can be easily addressed to meet your needs. The D Series units come with the components mounted and wired to reduce work in the field before installation. Any options added to the basic package are mounted and wired as required, also reducing field labor. The D Series condensing units have vertical air flow with updraft, high velocity fans.

The multiple circuiting option available on the D Series is designed to meet the demands of multiple load applications required for commercial and industrial refrigeration. These multiple compressor units bridge the gap between individual systems and large, multiple compressor rack systems for the warehouse industry. The D Series allows the compressor rack to be removed, freeing up valuable floor space in the facility.

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