N Series-Bitzer Compressor

Product Overview

N Series outdoor air cooled condensing units are specifically designed to meet the demands of multiple load applications required for commercial and industrial duty refrigeration applications. N Series condensing units are made to operate in adverse conditions and meet the needs of each customer with minimal changes to the basic design. Applications ranging from low temperature product storage, produce ripening, or medium temperature product storage can be readily supported by the N Series condensing units. These units are designed to operate in high and low ambient conditions.

N Series condensing units utilize Bitzer™ compressors, which are famous for their low sound levels. Bitzer™ changes capacities within a frame size by changing their bore diameters rather than the length of the piston strokes. This gives Bitzer™compressors an unsurpassed balance and precision that translates to low decibels. In addition, Bitzer™ compressors have a muffler built into each head that eliminates pulsations and reduces the sound levels even further.

Bitzer’s™ centrifugal lubrication design employs a solid metal disc mounted to the crankshaft that distributes oil into a reservoir at the end of the shaft. The oil then flows through the shaft to the bearing surfaces.

N Series condensing units come completely pre-piped and wired to reduce field installation costs and additional labor before installation. These units also utilize a unique horizontal condenser and coil design and high volume condenser fans. Each unit is provided with a separate sub-cooling circuit to maximize unit performance. The N Series condensing unit is suitable for mounting at ground or rooftop levels.

N Series condensing units can be matched with Century Refrigeration’s FV Series, FH Series, BALV Series, A Series medium profile unit coolers, BOC Series large profile unit coolers, PFE Blast Cooler/Freezer unit coolers, WIBR Series unit coolers, and XBOC Series unit coolers.

Product Literature

Product Details


    • Direct drive condenser fans
    • Fan motor contactors
    • Poly-coated fan guard
    • Liquid receiver with relief valve
    • Receiver inlet and outlet ball valves
    • Refrigerant charging valve
    • Compressor contactors
    • Compressor overload protection
    • Crankcase heater
    • Compressor service valves
    • Vibration isolation under compressor
    • Discharge vibrasorber
    • Head cooling fans when applicable on low temp units
    • Separate sub-cooling circuit
    • Fan motor overload protection
    • Oversized, NEMA 3R control panel (to facilitate field-added electronic system controls) with hinged door
    • Pre-wired electrical controls
    • High pressure safety
    • Low pressure operating control
    • Rigging holes
    • Oil failure control
    • Run/Pumpdown switch
    • 12 FPI max condensing surface
    • Oversized high-efficiency condensers
    • Condenser coil cleanout access
    • Wiring raceway
    • Bitzer Compressor

    • 20°F fan cycle (ambient temperatures at or above +20°F)
    • 0°F fan cycle (ambient temperatures at or above 0°F)
    • A20 flood control with receivers (ambient temperatures at or above +20°F)
    • B20 flood control with receivers (ambient temperatures below +20°F, positive start feature)
    • VFD compatible condenser fan motors with controller mounted
    • Title 24 packages
    • 850 RPM fan motors and optional low sound blades
    • Special high air fan blades for high altitude locations
    • Liquid line solenoid, mounted or shipped loose, with or without manual lift stem
    • Liquid line drier (with or without replaceable core) & sight glass
    • 3 valve bypass (liquid drier)
    • Hot gas discharge muffler
    • Suction accumulator with or without heat exchanger
    • Suction filter with or without replaceable core
    • Suction vibrasorber, mounted
    • Oil separator
    • Electronic oil control
    • Oil stabilized gauges with manual shut off valves
    • Control circuit transformer
    • Convenience outlet (115v/15amp/with transformer)
    • Unit circuit breaker with through-the-door operator
    • Unit fused disconnect
    • Painted cabinet
    • Defrost time clock
    • Fused defrost heater contactor
    • Fused evaporator fan contactor
    • Fused defrost circuit
    • Fused evaporator fan circuit
    • Unit phase failure monitor
    • Hot gas bypass
    • Receiver insulation & heat tape
    • Compressor head cooling fan
    • Cylinder unloading on most compressors
    • Alarm circuit with dry contacts
    • Adjustable guarantee off timer (GOT)
    • Off/Pumpdown/Run switch
    • Electrical door interlock
    • Indicator lights
    • Elapsed time meter
    • Acrylic coated fin coil
    • Single circuit option on dual compressor unit (includes oil separator with reservoir and individual floats)
    • Electronic room thermostats mounted in unit with sensor shipped loose
    • Mechanical or electronic room thermostat, shipped loose

    • Consistent liquid and suction filter same place every time
    • Filters are mounted at a 30° angle to prevent oil spilling on roof or pad when filters are changed
    • Stub outs are centered, allowing piping in any direction
    • Easy compressor and component access reducing down time for service and installation
    • Service valves are mounted close to the cabinet edge for easy access
    • End mounted control panel eliminates left hand/right hand units
    • Large electrical enclosure eliminates the requirement for sub panels or pressure panels, greatly decreasing start up and troubleshooting time
    • Fan motors and unit electrical component are wired to a raceway located on the side of the unit eliminating long runs of conduit and junction boxes, making the unit more serviceable

    • High Temperature Applications (-10°F to +45°F suction temperature)
      • 17,817 to 1,244,498 BTU
    • Medium Temperature Applications (-10°F to +45°F suction temperature
      • 17,165 to 1,167,477 BTUH
    • Low Temperature Applications (-40°F to 0°F suction temperature
      • 6,046 to 523,942 BTUH