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Product Details

  • Designed for refrigerant R-404a and R-507, contact factory for alternative refrigerants
  • Direct drive condenser fans
  • Fan motor contactors
  • Poly-coated fan guard
  • Liquid receiver with relief valve
  • Receiver inlet and outlet valves
  • Refrigerant charging valve
  • Compressor contactors
  • Crankcase heater
  • Compressor service valves
  • Brazed plate heat exchanger
  • Insulated heat exchanger
  • Suction pressure freeze stat
  • Mechanical expansion valve
  • Johnson A350 controller with LCD display
  • Replaceable core liquid line filter drier
  • Moisture indicating sight glass
  • Suction accumulator
  • Suction line piping insulation (excludes suction accumulator)
  • Liquid line solenoid
  • Refrigerant charge
  • Flow switch shipped loose
  • 20 mesh strainer shipped loose
  • Factory run test
  • Vibration isolation under compressor
  • Discharge vibrasorber
  • Suction vibrasorber
  • Separate sub-cooling circuit
  • Fan motor overload protection
  • NEMA 3R weatherproof electrical panel
  • Hinged control panel access
  • Prewired controls
  • High pressure safety
  • Low pressure operating control
  • Rigging holes
  • Run/Pumpdown switch
  • 25,914 to 532,210 BTUH (High Temp Units)

Product Overview

Century Refrigeration´s N Series Chiller provides all the advantages of a proven Century Comdustrial design in a complete, factory run tested chiller package engineered for Time Tested Toughness. All Chillers include the option of either Bitzer or Copeland compressors. With several available options and accessories to choose from, we can build a unit for your specific application with no need for modification in the field.

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