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Product Details

  • 56,100 to 276,300 BTUH
  • Designed for refrigerant R-404a and R507, contact factory for alternative refrigerants
  • 24 models to choose from
  • 7,900 to 34,400 CFM
  • Available with air defrost, electric defrost, and hot gas defrost
  • Ceiling-hung or floor-mounted
  • Galvanized housing
  • TEAO fan motors
  • Floor mounting
  • Corrosion resistant fin and coil coatings: Electrofin, Heresite, and Acrycoat fin stock
  • Multiple circuits
  • Extended throw nozzles
  • Hazardous-duty applications
  • Stainless steel cabinetry design
  • Mounted electronic expansion valves
  • Glycol unit cooler coils
  • 45,310 to 276,270 BTUH
  • 7,900 to 34,400 CFM

Product Overview

Century Refrigeration’s PFE Series blast freezer unit coolers are designed for blast chilling and freezing applications requiring high CFM air volume and external static pressure capability. The draw-through configuration on these units provides enhanced air throw for freezer applications. The PFE Series models are available in air, electric, and hot gas defrosts.

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