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  • Walk-in Coolers / Freezers
  • Beverage Boxes / Produce Storage
  • Air Defrost
    • 28 Selections
    • 4, 5, 6 AND 8 FPI Coils
  • Electric Defrost
    • 21 Selections
    • 4, 5, and 6 FPI Coils
    • Klixon DTFD switch
  • Hot Gas Defrost
    • 21 Selections
    • 4, 5, and 6 FPI Coils
    • Heated (with hot gas loop) and insulated drain pan, sideport connection on the distributor, one check valve for TXV bypass (shipped loose) and Klixon DTFD switch.


Permanently lubricated EC motors, low noise level fans for high, medium and low temperature refrigeration applications 4, 5, 6 and 8 FPI spacing for accurate matching of loads.

Easy access to controls, motors, and wiring.

Ceiling flush mount design.

Swing down drain pans 60 foot air throw (application dependent).

Locate units 15 inches from walls for best results. Condensate drain lines must be adequately heat traced in rooms below freezing. Support piping adequately with suction line “P” traps at each unit. Locate liquid line solenoid close to TXV. Use externally equalized TXV.

  • Insulated Drain Pans
  • Heated Drain Pans
  • Mounted or shipped loose thermostatic expansion valve
  • Mounted or shipped loose electronic expansion valves with or without controllers
  • Mounted non-fused fan motor disconnect switch standard with auxiliary contact for liquid solenoid
  • Mounted non-fused heater disconnect switch
  • Special Coil Coatings and Fin Materials (contact factory)
  • Stainless Steel Cabinet and Drain Pan
  • Opposite hand connectors
  • Units circuited for water or glycol solutions
  • Room thermostat , mechanical or electronic (shipped loose)

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