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Product Details

  • 24 models from 23,800 to 166,000 BTUH
  • 4,830 to 25,960 CFM
  • Pre-wired controls
  • Adjustable defrost termination/fan delay switches on electric and hot gas defrost units
  • 4 and 6 fins per inch coil configurations
  • Glycol circuiting available
  • Mounted, non-fused disconnect switches for fan and heater circuits
  • Mounted TXV
  • Stainless steel cabinet, hardware and fasteners
  • Special fin materials and coil coatings available
  • Mounted electronic expansion valves
  • Units circuited for water or glycol applications
  • 27,000 to 166,000 BTUH (based on +20°F evaporator temperature and 10°F TD)

Product Overview

Century Refrigeration’s WIBR Series unit coolers are designed for use in any commercial and industrial refrigeration application requiring two-way air flow from the unit with temperatures at or above 0°F. The WIBR is a draw-through design with the air discharging vertically into a “V” air diffuser to direct the airflow horizontally from the unit. These units are designed to be ceiling mounted and are constructed of heavy gauge smooth finish aluminum cabinet material with a copper tube, aluminum plate fin coil. The WIBR Series utilizes permanently lubricated fan motors with inherent thermal. The WIBR units are available in air defrost, electric defrost and hot gas defrost configurations.

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