Unit Characteristics

High Temp +20°F BTU/h: 13149
Voltage/KW: 208, 230, 460, 575
Category: Condensing Unit
Low Temp -20°F BTU/h: 13149
Fan Quantity: 1
DOE Compliant: DOE Compliant

Unit Characteristics

High Temp +20°F BTU/h13149
Voltage/KW208, 230, 460, 575
CategoryCondensing Unit
Low Temp -20°F BTU/h13149
Fan Quantity1
DOE CompliantDOE Compliant


The Century Refrigeration BLU Series condensing unit, BLU-B020M-7C, BLU-L020M-7C, BLU-C020M-7C, or BLU-F020M-7C, is an outdoor air-cooled unit, specifically designed for commercial and industrial refrigeration applications. These units, available in single compressor arrangements, are built to operate effectively in both high and low ambient conditions, accommodating diverse refrigeration requirements with minimal design modifications.

The BLU Series units can be equipped with CENTURY.CONNECT, our comprehensive remote monitoring package, allowing you to access your operational controls from anywhere in the world—simply find a signal on your handheld or laptop device.


General Applications:

  • Low-temperature product storage (down to -40°F suction temperature)
  • Medium-temperature product storage (up to +45°F suction temperature)
  • Produce ripening
  • Docks
  • Coolers and freezers
  • Controlled atmosphere storages
  • Various other refrigeration applications

Cabinet Construction:

  • Heavy-gauge, G90 mill galvanized steel
  • Full-perimeter formed channel base
  • Forklift pockets
  • Designed for easy serviceability
  • Electrical panel door with hold-open feature

Condenser Construction:

  • Seamless copper tubing
  • Full-collared die-formed aluminum plate fins (available in other materials upon request)
  • Tubes mechanically expanded into fin packs ensure optimal heat transfer

Condenser Fans:

  • Heavy duty EC motors
  • Profiled fan blades in a bell mouth housing with diffuser for increased air volume
  • 1550 RPM
  • Weather-resistant
  • Three-phase with inherent electrical protection

Liquid Receiver:

  • Selected to provide pumpdown capacity (with condenser coil), considering a nominal 50 ft equivalent line length and matching evaporator
  • Receivers smaller than 6” are U.L. Listed
  • Each receiver is equipped with inlet and outlet ball valves, a gauge port, and a pressure relief device

Compressor Options:

  • U.L. Listed semi-hermetic energy efficient Bitzer, Copeland, or Frascold compressors, equipped with:
    • Suction and discharge service valves with gauge ports
    • Inherent three-phase overload protection
    • Oil level sight glass
    • Crankcase heater
    • Spring isolator mounting
    • Inline discharge vibrasorber
    • Auxiliary head cooling fan and/or oil cooler (where required)
    • U.L. Listed energy-efficient hermetic Copeland scroll compressors, equipped with:
    • Suction and discharge service valves with gauge ports
    • Inherent three phase overload protection
    • Oil level sight glass
    • Crankcase heater


  • Wired for standard pumpdown cycle operation with an off/run/pumpdown switch provided as standard
  • Fan cycle control via a microprocessor controller utilizing pressure transducers
  • All electrical control components housed within a heavy-gauge, weatherproof, hinged panel for maximum protection and enhanced service analysis
  • Individually numbered control conductors
  • Adjustable high-pressure switch (manual reset)
  • Oil pressure failure switch (manual reset)
  • Conductors and fusing selected per N.E.C. standards

Match the BLU Series condensing units with any of our unit cooler product lines: FV and UFH, (low profile), BALV and WIBR (processing rooms), A, AWSM, and EPIC (medium profile). Century Refrigeration units are designed to meet the diverse yet specific demands of COMDUSTRIAL refrigeration.

Refrigerants used include R448-A, R449-A, R-407A, C, F, R-404A, and R-507A with POE oils.

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