RAE Solutions Update


Addition of New Models for DOE Requirements:
  • BLU-L, Copeland Scroll Compressor Condensing Unit Product Line
  • BLU-B, Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressor Condensing Unit Product Line
  • UFH, Ultimate FH Unit Cooler Product Line
  • AWSM, Awesome Medium Profile Unit Cooler Product Line
Retirement of Legacy Models:
  • LUI/LUO, Copeland Scroll Compressor Condensing Units
  • FH Series Unit Cooler Product Line
  • A Series Unit Cooler Product Line
  • DS Condensing Unit Product Line
  • DD Condensing Unit Product Line
Unit Cooler Model Nomenclature Update Due to DOE Requirements:
  • All Unit Coolers will have different capacity ratings for specific refrigerants due to the new DOE rating criteria The R-404a and R-507a refrigerant units were affected the most because of this.
  • All Unit Coolers will have an “L” or an “M” indicated in the model number.
  • L = Operating Evaporator Temperatures of 0°F and Below
  • M = Operating Evaporator Temperatures Above 0°F

*DOE compliancy will be noted on Rating Data Sheets and Submittal Sheets coming from RAE Solutions for all compliant units.

Pricing Updates and Changes:
  • BLU-L Series Copeland Scroll Compressor Condensing Units Added (Comparable to LUO List Pricing). Additional Options in Pricing.
  • BLU-B Series Bitzer Semi-Hermetic Compressor Condensing Units Added
  • UFH Series Unit Cooler Units Added (Comparable to FH Series List Pricing)
  • AWSM Series Unit Coolers Added (Comparable to A Series List Pricing)
  • Deleted Unit Fused Disconnect Option from condensing unit pricing. We have seen a marked decrease in the Unit Fused Disconnect Option usage/requirement and have decided to leave only the Unit Circuit Breaker Option. Note: If a unit fused disconnect is ABSOLUTELY required please contact your Account Manager for pricing assistance.
  • Temporarily suspended the Oil Filled Gauges With Shut Off Valves Option availability. We will reinstate this option once an acceptable gauge vendor is established.

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