CREED Launch

CREED brings ease to your refrigeration needs with engineered equipment design!

We have the answer for refrigeration engineered equipment design! We haven’t let something like a pandemic stop us… Get ready to replace RAE Solutions with something brand new! Now introducing, CREED: Century Refrigeration Engineered Equipment Design. This top-of-the-line software is the direct result of Rep and contractor input. We are implementing changes to address real-life issues!

CREED is a web-based program that consolidates all your equipment controls into one place. Now, view Century Refrigeration Products, Centinel Controls, and Century Connect software on the same platform. CREED also includes automatic updates so the days of downloading and maintaining software updates are over.

CREED is equipped with project-level pricing. Now you can change the multiplier for the entire project and add common options across all equipment selections. Additionally, CREED allows users to generate project proposals. Users will be able to select the units they want to include and include unit ratings, system ratings, and balance and data sheets.

CREED also provides consolidated data outputs and submittal data. Equipment data output sheets are created by system instead of by individual units. Users will also be able to access unit and piping drawing generation.

The sun is setting on RAE Solutions. CREED is the ultimate upgrade! With CREED you can walk thoughtfully through all the important components of your next Century COMDUSTRIAL solution.