The Century Roadshow

Century Refrigeration is bringing our newest Comdustrial Innovation to your front door

 Get to know our new Low-Charge Unit!

Century’s high-end Equipment

Go inside our low-charge solution and see Century technology at work on both the condensing unit and evaporator. We’re making it possible to put your hands on our fully-functioning unit, delivered right to you on a 45-foot mobile installation

Live, Interactive Demonstrations

Experience the full capacity and functionality of our newest technology and feel for yourself how our engineers have lowered the temperature on refrigeration anxieties. Walk through every component a molecule of refrigerant travels and see how Century’s engineers have developed our newest low-charge solution.

Let’s talk shop

Finally, you’re able to see and experience an operational unit at your site. We bring our solution to your front door where you can make the most reliable and confident decision to meet your application’s needs. Why rely on just what you can see on a screen when Century brings the solution to you, personally?

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